YouTube Adds Additional Support for Send to Playstation 3



The developers over at YouTube have worked hard to bring you additional support to make it easier to share YouTube videos on your Playstation 3. You can take videos that you are watching on your mobile device(iOS, Android) and send that video to your PS3 so everyone in the living room can watch “instantly”. They have updated the app with some video stream stabilization to help prevent video hiccups that many of us are familiar with. Check out the press release below:

PR Text

Thumbs need a break from saving the world from zombies, and want to catch up on the latest PewDiePie videos? The updated YouTube app for Playstation 3 now has the send to TV feature that automatically pairs your phone or tablet with your PS3 on the same Wi-Fi network. Open YouTube on your PS3, click the TV icon on your YouTube app for Android or iPhone, and the video starts playing instantly on your big screen. It’ll be like the same awesome feeling you had when you played Metal Gear Solid for the first time. For bonus points, we also made videos play more smoothly and with less buffering. Ok, now back to the zombies…

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